Package org.apache.cocoon.generation

Interface Summary
Generator A generator is the starting point of a pipeline.

Class Summary
AbstractGenerator An abstract class that can be used to implement an own generator.
AbstractServerPage Base implementation of ServerPagesGenerator.
ComposerGenerator Deprecated. Use the ServiceableGenerator instead.
CSVGenerator A simple parser converting a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file into XML.
DirectoryGenerator.DirValidity Specific validity class, that holds all files that have been generated
EventCacheGenerator Generator wrapper that forwards generation to to its delegate but overides its caching strategy by replacing it with an event-cache aware implementation.
ExceptionGenerator A generator that dumps an XML representation of the exception raised during a pipeline execution.
FragmentExtractorGenerator The generation half of FragmentExtractor.
GenericProxyGenerator This is a generic HTTP proxy, designed to handle any possible HTTP method, but with a particular bias towards WebDAV.
HSSFGenerator This generator generates - using Apache POI - a Gnumeric compliant XML Document from a Microsoft Excel Workbook.
HttpProxyGenerator The HttpProxyGenerator is a Cocoon generator using the Jakarta Commons HTTPClient Library to access an XML stream over HTTP.
IMAPGenerator Generates an XML listing of messages from an IMAP mail server.
JSPGenerator Allows Servlets and JSPs to be used as a generator.
JXTemplateGenerator Deprecated. Replaced with the template block: JXTemplateGenerator.
JXTemplateGenerator.LocationFacade Facade to the Location to be set on the consumer prior to sending other events, location member changeable
JXTemplateGenerator.TransformerAdapter Adapter that makes this generator usable as a transformer (Note there is a performance penalty for this however: you effectively recompile the template for every instance document)
ParseExceptionGenerator Exception generator.
PhpGenerator Allows PHP to be used as a generator.
ProfilerGenerator Generates an XML representation of the current status of Profiler.
ScriptGenerator The Scriptgenerator executes arbitraty scripts using the BSF framework and additional interpreter (Rhino, Groovy, Jython, etc.) as a Cocoon Generator.
SearchGenerator Generates an XML representation of a search result.
ServerPagesGenerator This class acts as a proxy to a dynamically loadedGenerator delegating actual SAX event generation.
ServiceableGenerator A default implementation that can be used for writing own generators.
SWFGenerator uses the project
TextGenerator Read a plain text file and produce a valid XML file.
TraversableGenerator Generates an XML source hierarchy listing from a Traversable Source.
TraversableSourceDescriptionGenerator This Generator augments the output of the TraversableGenerator.
VelocityGenerator Cocoon Generator that produces dynamic XML SAX events from a Velocity template file.
VelocityGenerator.ChainedContext Velocity context implementation specific to the Servlet environment.
VelocityGenerator.JSIntrospector Velocity Introspector that supports Rhino JavaScript objects as well as Java Objects
VelocityGenerator.TemplateLoader Velocity ResourceLoader implementation to load template resources using Cocoon's SourceResolver.
WebServiceProxyGenerator The WebServiceProxyGenerator is intended to: 1) Allow easy syndication of dynamic interactive content as a natural extension of the currently popular static content syndication with RSS. 2) Allow transparent routing of web service request through GET, POST, SOAP-RPC and SOAP-DOC binding methods. 3) Allow almost full control through sitemap configuration. 4) Allow use of Cocoon components for content formatting, aggregation and styling through a tight integration with the Cocoon sitemap. 5) Require 0 (zero) lines of Java or other business logic code in most cases. 6) Be generic and flexible enough to allow custom extensions for advanced and non-typical uses. 7) Support sessions, authentication, http 1.1, https, request manipulation, redirects following, connection pooling, and others. 8) Use the Jakarta HttpClient library which provides many sophisticated features for HTTP connections. 9) (TBD) Use Axis for SOAP-RPC and SOAP-DOC bindings.
XMidiGenerator Reads a standard MIDI file and generates SAX Events.
XMLDBCollectionGenerator Deprecated. Use the XML:DB pseudo protocol instead.
XMLDBGenerator Deprecated. Use the XML:DB pseudo protocol instead.
XPathTraversableGenerator Generates an XML collection listing performing XPath queries on XML sources.

Exception Summary

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