Package org.apache.cocoon

Interface Summary
Modifiable This interface is implemented by those classes that change their behavior/results over time (non-ergodic).
RequestListener This is called from with Cocoon.process(Environment), before any requests are passed onto the Processor and after the request has been processed.

Class Summary
Cocoon The Cocoon Object is the main Kernel for the entire Cocoon system.
CocoonAccess Accessor to the Cocoon object instance
CocoonTask Ant task for running Cocoon.
Constants The Constants use throughout the core of the Cocoon engine.
Main Command line entry point.
ProcessorWrapper Deprecated. This class is not used anymore and will be removed with 2.2

Exception Summary
CascadingIOException This is a wrapping IOException.
ConnectionResetException This Exception is thrown every time a component detects an exception due to a connection reset by peer.
ProcessingException This Exception is thrown every time there is a problem in processing a request.
ResourceNotFoundException This Exception is thrown every time there is a problem in finding a resource.

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