Package org.apache.cocoon.portal.transformation

Class Summary
AbstractCopletTransformer Abstract transformer implementation that provides some useful methods and functionality.
CopletTransformer This transformer offers various functions for developing pipeline based coplets.
EventLinkTransformer This transformer searches for event descriptions in the XML.
HTMLEventLinkTransformer This transformer transforms html actions into events.
HTMLRootTransformer This transformer is an utility transformer for dealing with (x)html content.
LinkTransformer This Transformer deals with tags containing links to external applications that need to be converted so that not the external application will be called directly but the request gets routed via the cocoon portal (either via proxy transformer or proxy reader).
NewEventLinkTransformer This transformer is used to replace links (URIs) from elements like <a href="URI"> or <form action="URI"> with portal event uris.
ProxyTransformer This transformer is used to insert the XHTML data from an request to an external application at the specified element ("envelope-tag" parameter).
RSSTransformer This transformer records the content of all description elements and tries to interpret them as valid XML.

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