Package org.apache.cocoon.woody.formmodel

Interface Summary
ContainerDefinition Interface to be implemented by WidgetDefinitions for Widgets which contain other widgets.
ContainerWidget Interface to be implemented by Widgets which contain other widgets.
Widget Interface to be implemented by Widgets.
WidgetDefinition A WidgetDefinition holds all the static information about a Widget.
WidgetDefinitionBuilder Interface for classes that can build widgets from an XML description.

Class Summary
AbstractContainerDefinition The AbstractContainerDefinition corresponding to an AbstractContainerWidget.
AbstractContainerWidget A general-purpose abstract Widget which can hold zero or more widgets.
AbstractDatatypeWidgetDefinition Base class for WidgetDefinitions that use a Datatype and SelectionList.
AbstractDatatypeWidgetDefinitionBuilder Abstract base class for WidgetDefinitionBuilders that build widgets that have datatypes/selection lists.
AbstractWidget Abstract base class for Widget implementations.
AbstractWidgetDefinition Provides functionality that is common across many WidgetDefinition implementations.
AbstractWidgetDefinitionBuilder Abstract base class for WidgetDefinitionBuilders.
Action An Action widget.
ActionDefinition The WidgetDefinition part of a Action widget, see Action for more information.
ActionDefinitionBuilder Builds ActionDefinitions.
AddRowActionDefinition The definition for a repeater action that adds a row to a sibling repeater.
AggregateField An aggregated field allows to represent one value as multiple input fields, or several values as one field.
AggregateFieldDefinition The WidgetDefinition part of a AggregateField widget, see AggregateField for more information.
AggregateFieldDefinitionBuilder Builds AggregateFieldDefinitions.
BooleanField A widget to select a boolean value.
BooleanFieldDefinition The WidgetDefinition part of a BooleanField widget, see BooleanField for more information.
BooleanFieldDefinitionBuilder Builds BooleanFieldDefinitions.
ButtonDefinitionBuilder The ButtonDefinitionBuilder has been replaced by ActionDefinitionBuilder.
ClassDefinition A WidgetDefinition which holds a collection of Widgets and which can be instantiated with a NewDefinition.
ClassDefinitionBuilder Builds {ClassDefinition}s.
ContainerDefinitionDelegate Helper class for the Definition implementation of widgets containing other widgets.
ContainerDelegate Helper class for the implementation of widgets containing other widgets.
DeleteRowsActionDefinition The definition for a repeater action that deletes the selected rows of a sibling repeater.
ExpressionContextImpl Implementation of the ExpressionContext required for the evaluation of expressions by xReporter expression interpreter.
Field A general-purpose Widget that can hold one value.
FieldDefinition The WidgetDefinition part of a Field widget, see Field for more information.
FieldDefinitionBuilder Builds {FieldDefinition}s.
Form A widget that serves as a container for other widgets, the top-level widget in a form description file.
FormDefinition The WidgetDefinition part of a Form widget, see Form for more information.
FormDefinitionBuilder Builds FormDefinitions.
Messages A widget to output one or messages.
MessagesDefinition The WidgetDefinition part of a Messages widget, see Messages for more information.
MessagesDefinitionBuilder Builds MessagesDefinitions.
MultiValueField A MultiValueField is mostly the same as a normal Field, but can hold multiple values.
MultiValueFieldDefinition The WidgetDefinition part of a MultiValueField widget, see MultiValueField for more information.
MultiValueFieldDefinitionBuilder Builds MultiValueFieldDefinitions.
NewDefinition This is the "WidgetDefinition" which is used to instantiate a ClassDefinition.
NewDefinitionBuilder Builds {NewDefinition}s.
Output An Output widget can be used to show a non-editable value to the user.
OutputDefinition The WidgetDefinition part of a Output widget.
OutputDefinitionBuilder Builds OutputDefinitions.
Repeater A repeater is a widget that repeats a number of other widgets.
RepeaterAction An action that acts on a repeater.
RepeaterActionDefinition Abstract repeater action.
RepeaterActionDefinitionBuilder Builds a <wd:repeater-action/> Two actions are defined : <wd:repeater-action id="add" action-command="add-row" repeater="repeater-id"/> : when activated, adds a row to the sibling repeater named "repeater-id".
RepeaterDefinition The WidgetDefinition part of a Repeater widget, see Repeater for more information.
RepeaterDefinitionBuilder Builds RepeaterDefinitions.
Struct A container Widget which can hold zero or more child widgets.
StructDefinition The WidgetDefinition corresponding to a Struct widget.
StructDefinitionBuilder Builds {StructDefinition}s.
Submit A submit is an action that exits of the current form.
SubmitDefinition Definition for a Submit.
SubmitDefinitionBuilder Builds a <wd:submit> widget.
Union A discriminated union that references a discriminant value in another widget and contains one of several cases (widgets).
UnionDefinition The WidgetDefinition corresponding to a Union widget.
UnionDefinitionBuilder Builds {UnionDefinition}s.
Upload A file-uploading Widget.
UploadDefinition The definition of an upload widget.
UploadDefinitionBuilder Builds UploadDefinitions.

Exception Summary
CannotYetResolveWarning This exception is thrown by ExpressionContextImpl when it asked for the value of a required field, when that required field does not yet have a value.
DuplicateIdException This exception is thrown by WidgetDefinitions that contain other WidgetDefinitions, such as the FormDefinition or the RepeaterDefinition, in case one tries to add a WidgetDefinition that has the same id as another, previously added, WidgetDefinition.

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