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This action adds the Last-Modified, Expires and Cache-Control HTTP headers to the response.

Basic information

Component typeAction
Cocoon blockcore
Java classorg.apache.cocoon.acting.HttpCacheAction
Name in Sitemap


This action will add the Last-Modified header to the response
with the time in which the request was executed, and an Expires
header at a specified time difference. Additionally, it will provide an
extra Cache-Control indicating the maximum age of the request
as a delta between the expiration and last modification dates.

This is useful (for example) when Cocoon is proxyied by a Web Server such
as Apache HTTPD running mod_cache, to indicate for each request how long
the output should be cached for.

To configure the difference between Last-Modified and
Expires this Action can be configured specifying
days, hours, minutes, and seconds in this way:

  <map:action name="xyz" src="org.apache.cocoon.acting.HttpCacheAction">

Using this example configuration, the Expires header will
specify a date one day, two hours, three minutes and four seconds after
the time of the request (which will be in Last-Modified).

Note that if any of the parameters mentioned above is zero or
less than zero this action will modify the behaviour of the
resulting Cache-Control header to emit the keyword no-cache.

This action will also return the three headers it added as sitemap
parameters called last-modified, expires and cache-control (all lowercase).