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Cocoon Subprojects

Sub projects

The evolution of Cocoon led to several subprojects that can be used independently from the rest of Cocoon (1.x, 2.x 3.x), or any of its parts (such as sitemap, pipelines, blocks, etc.)




Cocoon Servlet-Service-Framework

1.2.0 1.3.2

The Servlet Service Famework makes it easy to use servlets as components which can communicate with each other. The current implementation is based on Spring 2.5.

Cocoon Configuration


The Cocoon Configuration subproject provides basic support for configuring web applications. Its current implementation, the Spring Configurator, is a useful component providing support in common configuration issues when using the Spring framework. There are no dependencies on Cocoon libraries at all.

Cocoon JNet

1.2 1.1

Dynamically register URLStreamHandler factories with your JVM.

Cocoon Block Deployment

1.2.1 1.1

Deployment utilities for Cocoon Blocks.