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  Cocoon Maven Plugin

Cocoon Maven Plugin 1.0


If you develop your Cocoon applications based on blocks, you will come to the point that you want to run it while you are working on its resources. The reloading classloader goal creates a minimal web application that you can use in any servlet container.

This web application automatically detects changes in

  • src/main/java
  • src/main/resources
  • src/main/resources/COB-INF
  • src/main/resources/META-INF
This means that any changes in
  • Cocoon resources (sitemaps, templates, form definitions, flowscripts, etc.)
  • Java classes and resources
  • Components (Spring beans and Avalon concepts)
are detected and will take effect nearly immediatly. Because of the use of the Jakarta Commons JCI, you can also change the signatures of your classes and methods.The plugin also enables you to use other blocks in a the reloading mode together with the block that you apply the reloading classloader plugin on.Finally, the plugin also supports the patching mechanism that comes with the deployer goal. By using it, your blocks can contain parts of the web.xml, e.g. a servlet configuration.