Package org.apache.cocoon.stax.converter.util

Interface Summary
ExtendedNamespaceContext Extended namespace context interface that allows the context tree to be navigated and to list all known prefixes.
StaticNamespaceContext Marker interface used to denote NamespaceContext implementations whose state is not transient or dependent on external objects/events and will remain stable unless explicitly updated.

Class Summary
DummyLocator A dummy locator that returns -1 and null from all methods to indicate that location info is not available.
SimpleNamespaceContext Simple NamespaceContext implementation backed by a HashMap.
StAXEventContentHandler SAX ContentHandler that writes events to a StAX XMLEventConsumer.
XMLEventToContentHandler This is a simple utility class that adapts StAX events from an XMLEventReader to SAX events on a ContentHandler, bridging between the two parser technologies.
XMLFilterImplEx Extension to XMLFilterImpl that implements LexicalHandler.

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