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Building Cocoon 2.2

Note: This document is intended for the developers working on Cocoon itself - if you're looking for using Cocoon have a look at this document.

Get Cocoon 2.2 from trunk

Do svn checkout http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/cocoon/trunk of Cocoon trunk. Keep up-to-date because there is everyday improvement.

Install Maven

Need at least Maven-2.0.9 and follow the installation instructions. Ensure that mvn --version is okay.

If you are not familiar with Maven, It is highly recommended to read the Getting Started guide.

Build Cocoon

This will take some time, as Cocoon has lots of dependencies which will be downloaded my Maven automatically. Go to the root directory of your working copy of Cocoon and call

mvn clean install

This will build the core artifacts (sitemap, pipelines, blocks-fw, etc.) and the most important blocks. If you want to build Cocoon completely, call

mvn install -P allblocks

which activates the allblocks profile.

If you run into problems, check the page on solving common Maven2 problems.

Offline mode

After your local repository is ready and Cocoon has been built, subsequent builds can be executed in offline mode. Maven will look for dependencies or poms only in your local repository. However, after doing 'svn update' you will need to let Maven loose on the network again. When doing active development, it is a good idea to add the "clean" goal to be sure that everything gets rebuilt.

mvn -o ...