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Uses of Event in org.apache.cocoon.caching

Methods in org.apache.cocoon.caching with parameters of type Event
 Serializable[] EventRegistry.keysForEvent(Event e)
          Retrieve an array of all keys mapped to this event.
 void EventAware.processEvent(Event e)
          Receive notification of an Event.
 void EventRegistry.register(Event e, Serializable key)
          Map an event to a key

Uses of Event in org.apache.cocoon.caching.impl

Methods in org.apache.cocoon.caching.impl that return Event
protected  Event[] JMSEventMessageListener.eventsFromMessage(Message message)
          Convert the message contents to (a series of) cache event.

Methods in org.apache.cocoon.caching.impl with parameters of type Event
 Serializable[] AbstractDoubleMapEventRegistry.keysForEvent(Event e)
          Retrieve all pipeline keys mapped to this event.
 void EventAwareCacheImpl.processEvent(Event e)
          Receive notification about the occurrence of an Event.
 void AbstractDoubleMapEventRegistry.register(Event e, Serializable key)
          Registers (stores) a two-way mapping between this Event and this PipelineCacheKey for later retrieval.

Uses of Event in org.apache.cocoon.caching.validity

Subclasses of Event in org.apache.cocoon.caching.validity
 class NamedEvent
          An External cache event that consists of just a name.
 class NameValueEvent
          An external uncache event that consists of a name/value pair.

Methods in org.apache.cocoon.caching.validity that return Event
 Event NamedEventFactory.createEvent(Parameters params)
 Event NameValueEventFactory.createEvent(Parameters params)
 Event EventFactory.createEvent(Parameters params)
          Create an event based on parameter values.
 Event EventValidity.getEvent()
          Returns the specific Event this validity is based on.

Methods in org.apache.cocoon.caching.validity with parameters of type Event
 boolean NamedEvent.equals(Event e)
          Every NamedEvent where the name string is equal must return true.
 boolean NameValueEvent.equals(Event e)
          Must return true when both name and value are equivalent Strings.
abstract  boolean Event.equals(Event e)
          Used by EventValidity for equals(Object o) which is important for determining whether a received event should uncache a held Pipeline key.

Constructors in org.apache.cocoon.caching.validity with parameters of type Event
EventValidity(Event ev)
          Constructor requires any subclass of Event.

Uses of Event in org.apache.cocoon.components.webdav

Methods in org.apache.cocoon.components.webdav that return Event
 Event WebDAVEventFactory.createEvent(org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpURL url)
 Event WebDAVEventFactory.createEvent(String url)

Uses of Event in org.apache.cocoon.components.webdav.impl

Methods in org.apache.cocoon.components.webdav.impl that return Event
 Event DefaultWebDAVEventFactory.createEvent(org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpURL url)
 Event DefaultWebDAVEventFactory.createEvent(Parameters params)
 Event DefaultWebDAVEventFactory.createEvent(String url)
protected  Event DefaultWebDAVEventFactory.createEvent(String host, int port, String path)

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