Package org.apache.cocoon.components.flow.apples

Interface Summary
AppleController AppleController declares the main processing interfaces for the stateful controller objects.
AppleRequest AppleRequest defines the services an AppleController can collect from the current request.
AppleResponse AppleResponse defines the parts of the 'response' an AppleController can set.
StatelessAppleController This interface can be impemented by Apples who do not which to be stored, and thus don't have a continuation ID assosociated with them.

Class Summary
AppleHelper AppleHelper holds some static utility classes used in the Apples flow implementation.
ApplesProcessor ApplesProcessor is the core Cocoon component that provides the 'Apples' flow implementation.
DefaultAppleRequest DefaultAppleRequest wraps the nested <map:paramater> 's and the active Cocoon Environment Request to implement the service of the AppleRequest interface.
DefaultAppleResponse DefaultAppleResponse provides a default implementation for the AppleResponse.

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