Package org.apache.cocoon.components.flow

Interface Summary
ContinuationsDisposer ContinuationsDisposer declares the contract for the clean-up of specfic continuations.
ContinuationsManager The interface of the Continuations manager.
Interpreter The interface to the flow scripting languages.

Class Summary
AbstractInterpreter Abstract superclass for various scripting languages used by Cocoon for flow control.
CompilingInterpreter This is a base class for all interpreters compiling the scripts
ContinuationsManagerImpl The default implementation of ContinuationsManager.
ContinuationsManagerImpl.HolderAwareWebContinuation WebContinuation extension that holds also the information about the holder.
FlowHelper Provides the interface between the flow controller layer and the view layer.
WebContinuation Representation of continuations in a Web environment.
WebContinuationDataBean Access to continuation data for monitoring applications

Exception Summary
InvalidContinuationException This Exception is thrown whenever an invalid continuation is given.

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