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Uses of AbstractFieldHandler in org.apache.cocoon.portal.util

Subclasses of AbstractFieldHandler in org.apache.cocoon.portal.util
 class AspectDataFieldHandler
          Field handler for aspects of an Aspectizable object.
 class AttributesFieldHandler
          Field handler for attributes of a CopletData object.
 class ConfigurationFieldHandler
          Field handler for attributes of a CopletBaseData object.
 class CopletBaseDataFieldHandler
          Field handler for CopletBaseData instances.
 class CopletBaseDataReferenceFieldHandler
          Field handler for external CopletBaseData references.
 class CopletDataFieldHandler
          Field handler for CopletData instances.
 class CopletDataReferenceFieldHandler
          Field handler for external CopletData references.
 class CopletInstanceDataFieldHandler
          Field handler for CopletInstanceData instances.
 class CopletInstanceDataReferenceFieldHandler
          Field handler for external CopletInstanceData references.
 class ParameterFieldHandler
          Field handler for parameters.
 class ReferenceFieldHandler
          Field handler superclass for external references.

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