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Packages that use DeltaApplicable

Uses of DeltaApplicable in org.apache.cocoon.portal.coplet

Classes in org.apache.cocoon.portal.coplet that implement DeltaApplicable
 class CopletData

Uses of DeltaApplicable in org.apache.cocoon.portal.profile.impl

Classes in org.apache.cocoon.portal.profile.impl that implement DeltaApplicable
 class CopletDataManager
          Holds instances of CopletData.

Uses of DeltaApplicable in org.apache.cocoon.portal.util

Subinterfaces of DeltaApplicable in org.apache.cocoon.portal.util
 interface DeltaApplicableReferencesAdjustable
          Interface for functionality of objects to be updated by a delta object and where references to contained DeltaApplicable objects can be adjusted if no delta has been applied to them.

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