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Packages that use Serializer

Uses of Serializer in org.apache.cocoon.components.pipeline

Fields in org.apache.cocoon.components.pipeline declared as Serializer
protected  Serializer AbstractProcessingPipeline.serializer

Uses of Serializer in org.apache.cocoon.components.serializers

Classes in org.apache.cocoon.components.serializers that implement Serializer
 class EncodingSerializer
          An abstract serializer supporting multiple encodings.
 class XHTMLSerializer
          A pedantic XHTML serializer encoding all recognized entities with their proper HTML names.

Uses of Serializer in org.apache.cocoon.portal.serialization

Classes in org.apache.cocoon.portal.serialization that implement Serializer
 class IncludingHTMLSerializer
          This is a special serializer that allows to include content that is not XML at the last possible point.

Uses of Serializer in org.apache.cocoon.serialization

Classes in org.apache.cocoon.serialization that implement Serializer
 class AbstractSerializer
 class AbstractTextSerializer
 class ElementProcessorSerializer
          An implementation of nearly all of the methods included in the org.apache.poi.serialization.Serializer interface This is an abstract class.
 class FOPSerializer
          FOP 0.93 (and newer) based serializer.
 class HSSFSerializer
          Serializer to produce an HSSF stream.
 class HTMLSerializer
 class iTextSerializer
 class LinkSerializer
 class POIFSSerializer
          An extension of ElementProcessorSerializer with extensions for dealing with the POIFS filesystem This is an abstract class.
 class RTFSerializer
          This class uses the jfor library to serialize XSL:FO documents to RTF streams.
 class SVGSerializer
          A Batik based Serializer for generating PNG/JPEG images
 class SWFSerializer
          uses the project
 class TextSerializer
          Text serializer converts XML into plain text.
 class XMidiSerializer
          Takes SAX Events and serializes them as a standard MIDI file.
 class XMLSerializer
 class ZipArchiveSerializer
          A serializer that builds Zip archives by aggregating several sources.

Fields in org.apache.cocoon.serialization declared as Serializer
protected  Serializer ZipArchiveSerializer.serializer
          Serializer used when in IN_CONTENT state

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