Package org.apache.cocoon.transformation.helpers

Interface Summary
IncludeCacheManager The include cache manager is a component that can manage included content.
IncludeCacheStorageProxy A CacheStorageProxy is an interface object between the IncludeCacheManager and the real store caching the content.

Class Summary
DefaultIncludeCacheManager Default implementation of a IncludeCacheManager.
FormValidatorHelper The ValidatorActionResult object helper.
IncludeCacheManagerSession This object encapsulates a "caching session".
ModifiableSourceIncludeCacheStorageProxy This is the interface between the IncludeCacheManager and a Source object that stores the cached content in a directory manner.
PreemptiveLoader The preemptive loader is a singleton that runs in the background and loads content into the cache.
PreemptiveLoaderAction This action starts the preemptive loader and runs forever.
StoreIncludeCacheStorageProxy This is the interface between the IncludeCacheManager and the usual store.

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