Package org.apache.cocoon.transformation

Class Summary
CIncludeTransformer This transformer processes include elements in the namespace.
I18nTransformer Internationalization transformer is used to transform i18n markup into text based on a particular locale.
IncludeTransformer A simple transformer including resolvable sources (accessed through Cocoon's SourceResolver) from its input.
JPathTransformer Transformer implementation of the JPath XSP tag library.
SimpleFormInstanceExtractionTransformer This transformer sieves an incoming stream of xml and extracts a document fragment from it depending on a given tag and stores the fragment using an OutputModule with a name based an attribute of another enclosing tag.
SimpleFormTransformer Eliminates the need for XSP to use FormValidatorAction or HTML forms.
SimpleFormTransformer.ValueList Keep track of multiple values.

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