Interface CacheValidity

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AggregatedCacheValidity, CompositeCacheValidity, DeltaTimeCacheValidity, IncludeCacheValidity, NOPCacheValidity, ParametersCacheValidity, SourceCacheValidity, TimeStampCacheValidity

Deprecated. Use the Avalon Excalibur SourceValidity implementations instead

public interface CacheValidity
extends Serializable

A CacheValidity object contains all information for one pipeline component to check if it is still valid.
For example, the FileGenerator stores only the timestamp for the read xml file in this container. Although this interface is deprecated it is still used for compatibility!

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Carsten Ziegeler

Method Summary
 boolean isValid(CacheValidity validity)
          Deprecated. Check if the component is still valid.
 String toString()
          Deprecated. Creates text represenation of the validity object.

Method Detail


boolean isValid(CacheValidity validity)
Check if the component is still valid. This is only true, if the incoming CacheValidity is of the same type and has the same values.


String toString()
Creates text represenation of the validity object. This is used to create fake 'lastModificationDate' for cocoon: sources.

Due to changes in source API, this method is no longer needed, starting with Cocoon 2.1.

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