Package org.apache.cocoon.woody.event

Interface Summary
ActionListener Listeners for ActionEvents
FormHandler A FormHandler can be registered with a Form, and will then receive all events fired by widgets on the form.
ProcessingPhaseListener Listener invoked when a form processing phase ends.
ValueChangedListener Listener invoked when a field value changes.
WidgetListener Base interface for all widget event listeners.
WidgetListenerBuilder A component that build widget event listeners.

Class Summary
AbstractFormHandler Abstract implementation of FormHandler, which checks the type of the WidgetEvent and calls the more specific AbstractFormHandler.handleActionEvent(ActionEvent) or AbstractFormHandler.handleValueChangedEvent(ValueChangedEvent) methods.
ActionEvent Currently this event originates from a Button widget.
DeferredValueChangedEvent A ValueChangedEvent that defers getting the new value from the widget until it's actually requested.
ProcessingPhase Type-safe enumeration of the various form processing phases.
ProcessingPhaseEvent Event raised when a form processing phase is finished.
ValueChangedEvent Event raised when a field value changes.
WidgetEvent Base class for events sent by form widgets.
WidgetEventMulticaster Convenience class to handle all widget event listeners.
WidgetListenerBuilderUtil Quick hack to avoid declaring a component selector and all that stuff for now (should be removed in a near future)

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