Package org.apache.cocoon.woody.datatype.validationruleimpl

Class Summary
AbstractValidationRule Abstract base class providing common functionality for many ValidationRule implementations.
AbstractValidationRuleBuilder Abstract base class for ValidationRuleBuilder implementations.
AssertValidationRule Generic validation rule that evaluates an expression.
AssertValidationRuleBuilder Builds AssertValidationRules.
EmailValidationRule ValidationRule that checks that a string is an email address.
EmailValidationRuleBuilder Builds EmailValidationRules.
LengthValidationRule Checks the length of a String.
LengthValidationRuleBuilder Builds LengthValidationRules.
Mod10ValidationRule Performs the so called "mod 10" algorithm to check the validity of credit card numbers such as VISA.
Mod10ValidationRuleBuilder Builds Mod10ValidationRules.
RangeValidationRule Checks numeric ranges.
RangeValidationRuleBuilder Builds RangeValidationRules.
RegExpValidationRule Checks that a String matches a regular expression.
RegExpValidationRuleBuilder Builds RegExpValidationRules.
ValueCountValidationRule Checks the number of values (i.e. the size of the array).
ValueCountValidationRuleBuilder Builds ValueCountValidationRules.

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