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Cocoon Maven Plugin 1.0


The Cocoon Maven 2 plugin provides some goals that make the developer's life easier. Currently it contains

Cocoon Block preparation goal

The purpose of the block preparation goal is making a block runnable as web application and enabling rapid application development. It uses the Apache Commons JCI library which provides a reloading classloader. As the names already promises, it is able to watch resources (e.g. .class files) for changes. In such a case the classloader will use the latest version of the resources in the future.Some Java servlet containers already provide the automatic reload of loaded servlet contexts in the case of changes but this comes with the downside that you might lose  the application state and that you are not allowed to change the signatures of classes and methods.

Cocoon Deployer goal

The Cocoon Deployer goal provides two features that rewrite a web application in order to add functionality that comes from

  • reversing the classloader hierarchy
  • patching your web.xml