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1.8.3-dev (July 9 2003)
  • update Updated site style: removed generated images in the navigation bar and replaced with text. (VG)
  • update The repository for Cocoon 1.x is now called "cocoon-1" (the old "xml-cocoon" repository is deprecated). (PF)
  • add New SVG formatter based on Batik. (SW)
  • fix Workaround for XSP isCacheable bug. (RDG) Thanks to Paul Nock.
  • fix Fixed error reporting on some servlet engines for case where getWriter had already been called. (RDG) Thanks to Ulrich Mayring.
  • add Two more xsl:params available in logicsheets - path and relative-filename. If the source filename is /home/greenrd/test.xml then path will be /home/greenrd and relative-filename will be test.xml. (RDG) Thanks to Peter C. Verhage.
  • fix XSP now allows periods (.) in namespaces for namespace-mapped logicsheets. (RDG) Thanks to paint007@mc.duke.edu.
  • add Added ability to omit xml declaration from output (see cocoon.properties). (RDG) Thanks to Sebastien Koechlin.
  • fix Fixed default encoding bug introduced by the changes for FOP 0.16 below. (RDG) Thanks to Jay Freeman.
  • fix Non-default encodings in logicsheets should now work. (RDG) Thanks to Krzysztof Zielinski.
  • fix XSLTProcessor now recognises text/xml and application/xml mime-types in PIs as stylesheets, not just text/xsl. (RDG) Thanks to Eric A. Sirois.
  • fix Caching memory wastage fixes for XIncludeProcessor and ProducerFromFile (identical to the XSLTProcessor bug fix in a previous version). These bugs could theoretically have caused OutOfMemoryErrors, so upgrading is strongly recommended! (RDG)
  • update Upgraded Ant from version 1.1 to version 1.3 and rewrote build.xml to use new syntax. (RDG) Thanks to Phillipe Lavoie.
  • add Added "fastcutoff" setting to cocoon.properties to control sendRedirect, getOutputStream and getWriter behaviour for maximum flexibility and backward compatibility. (RDG) Thanks to Donald Ball.
  • update Updated Cocoon for compatibility with FOP 0.16 and above. Backward compatibility to at least FOP 0.13 is still maintained. WARNING: The Formatter interface has been changed. Instead of taking a Writer it now takes an OutputStream. This makes more sense for output types like PDF. (RDG) Thanks to Kelly Campbell.
  • add Stylesheets (but not logicsheets) can now access a COCOON-BROWSER-ID parameter to identify which browser they are serving (as an alternative to using different stylesheets for each browser, by declaring <xsl:param name="COCOON-BROWSER-ID"> as a top-level element in the stylesheet. IMPORTANT WARNING: If you use this alternative technique for a cacheable page, you MUST set the HTTP Vary header as follows: response.setHeader ("Vary", "user-Agent"); This can be done either in an <xsp:logic> element in XSP, or in a Processor. If you don't do this, it will work fine when users are connecting directly to the server, but if they access it through a web proxy, the proxy will not know that different content should be served for different browsers, so it will serve the same content for all browsers. (RDG) Thanks to Ingo Bruell.
  • fix Added manifest to w3c.jar to fix startup problem on JRun 3.0. (RDG) Thanks to Torsten Curdt.
  • fix Fixed command-line mode (again!) (RDG) Thanks to Nicol?Lichtmaier.
  • fix Fixed bug in Util.getAllPIs (RDG) Thanks to Antonia Arena. Fixes bug 642.
  • fix Fixed SVG sample for IE5.5. (RDG) Thanks to David Cittadini.
  • fix XSLTProcessor checks for null headers which previously caused errors. (RDG) Thanks to Dafang Zhang. Fixes bug 541.
  • update LinkEncodingProcessor now encodes frames in framesets as well. (RDG)
  • fix Fixed Utils.getLocationResource to use parent ClassLoader instead of System ClassLoader, but fallback to System if resource not found. (RDG)
  • update Changed default XSP encoding to UTF8, so that all characters are supported. (RDG)
  • update Upgraded to Xerces 1.2.3 and Xalan 1.2.2 (RDG)
  • remove Removed DCP since it needed maintenance but no-one appears to be using it, and it is obsoleted by XSP. (RDG)
  • add Added SAXONTransformer (DB) Thanks to Steffen Stundzig.
1.8.2 (January 26 2001)
  • fix Built with all options enabled, correcting the missing classes problem in the previous two releases. (RDG)
  • fix Fixed one of the xinclude samples; others are outdated and still use the old spec. (RDG) Thanks to Sergio Carvalho.
  • add Added XMLFragment page to documentation. (RDG) Thanks to Sylvain Wallez.
  • fix Fixed JRun 3.0 installation instructions. (RDG) Thanks to Roberto Viana.
  • fix Fixed syntax errors in <request:is-user-in-role> (RDG) Thanks to Werner Guttmann.
  • fix response.sendRedirect no longer throws an Exception; processing is instead stopped inside the Cocoon Engine for that request, after this processor/producer returns. This is needed to fix a redirect problem with Tomcat (see below). (RDG)
  • fix Fixed undeclared var in <response:contains-header>. (RDG) Thanks to Steffen Stundzig.
  • add Added notes on each jar, with details of which are required, to Installing documentation. (RDG)
  • fix Patched XSPProcessor - it was instantiating a XSPLogicSheet with sheetBase 'null', causing problems with SAXON. (DB) Thanks to Steffen Stundzig.
  • fix Patched XIncludeProcessor to handle non-DOM2 nodes resulting from XSLT transformation. (DB) Thanks to Kirk Woerner.
  • fix Patched FOP2PDFFormatter to work with JDK-1.1. (DB) Thanks to Peter Haight.
  • fix Patched XSPJavaPreprocessor for Xalan2. (RDG) Thanks to Steffen Stundzig.
1.8.1 (January 19 2001)
  • fix XSLTProcessor caching now ignores query string, as it should. (RDG) Thanks to Wayne Bayever.
  • update Removed headers from cache key because this was breaking caching in 90% of static cases. This is a quick fix - will fix properly later. (RDG)
  • add Added <?cocoon-disable-caching?> processing instruction to disable caching for a page. This is most useful for cases like samples/fp, which behaves strangely without it, because of Last-Modified support introduced in Cocoon 1.8.1. (RDG)
  • update Obsolete XObject now replaced by org.apache.cocoon.xml.XMLFragment. This change was necessitated by the move to SAX2 in Cocoon 2. XObject is deprecated and will stop working in Cocoon 2. (RDG)
  • fix Reversed store cleanup algorithm mistake. The store cleanup thread now works exactly as before. (RDG)
  • fix At long last, FIXED the Internet Explorer PDF bug! In fact there were at least 3 bugs involved here, and YOU STILL NEED TO USE THE ?dummy=test.pdf WORKAROUND - see the FAQ for more details. But, generated PDF files now show up perfectly in all versions of Internet Explorer - as far as we know! (RDG)
  • add Added EXPERIMENTAL support for xsp:variable declaration and code generation to xsp core logicsheet, and method calling to util taglib. This is designed to automatically pass through required environment variables such as xspCurrentNode. Need to uncomment the templates at the end of xsp-java.xsl to use this. (DB)
  • update In esql, encoding is now an element not an attribute, to allow passthru. (DB)
  • fix Fixed second and third XSL:FO examples for FOP 0.15 conformance. (RDG) Thanks to Steve Coffman.
  • add Added installation instructions for Inprise Application Server and Dynamo. (RDG) Thanks to Michele Bianchi.
  • remove Removed obsolete reference to ProducerFromRequest in EngineWrapper.java (RDG)
  • fix Fixes to Tomcat installation instructions. (RDG)
  • fix Fixes to Weblogic installation instructions. (RDG) Thanks to Jamie Mascherino.
  • add Added very brief notes on ESQL to documentation (RDG)
  • add Checked for NoSuchMethodError at XSPProcessor startup and added link to FAQ. If you don't want to use XSP and want to get rid of this error, just comment out XSP in cocoon.properties. (RDG)
  • add Added user-agent option (-A) to command-line mode. (RDG) Thanks to Ovidiu Predescu.
  • fix Fixed command-line mode. (RDG) Thanks to Ovidiu Predescu.
  • add Added multi-encoding support to esql. Even tables using multiple encodings can be read from! However, this will only work if your JDBC driver returns a byte array with the string in the given encoding when getBytes() is called. (RDG)
  • add You can now override options in cocoon.properties, in web.xml or zone.properties. (RDG) Thanks to Nicolas Lichtmaier.
  • fix Workaround for Websphere classloader: URL handler bug (RDG) Thanks to Berin Loritsch.
  • add Added encoding support to util:get-file-contents and various similar XSPUtil methods (RDG)
  • fix Fixed xsp:pi to add PI before document element instead of after. (RDG) Thanks to Gerard Maas.
  • add Added LinkEncodingProcessor, designed to encode all links with session ids if necessary, using response.encodeUrl(). (RDG)
  • fix Added removeValue template and remove duplicate putValue template from session taglib, which should now be complete. (RDG) Thanks to Corey O'Donovan.
  • add Passed extra parameters to style- and logic- sheets - XSP-ENVIRONMENT ("Cocoon 1.8.3-dev") and XSP-VERSION (1.0) (RDG) Thanks to Donald Ball.
  • fix Added inefficient workaround for using Xalan 1.x with FOP > 0.13. See src/org/apache/cocoon/formatter/FO2PDFFormatter.java. YOU NOW NEED FOP 0.14 OR GREATER TO BUILD COCOON, but earlier versions will still work as before at runtime. (RDG)
  • fix XSLTProcessor now invalidates its monitor whenever reapplying a stylesheet, in case the URI of the stylesheet being applied has changed since last time. Also, a second monitor is now used for cached stylesheets, for the same reason. This could be made more efficient. (RDG) Thanks to Tagunov Anthony.
  • fix Added HTTP Vary header to responses where a selection is made by Cocoon on the basis of a User-Agent header, in order to give correct proxy behaviour. (RDG)
  • update Request headers (prefixed by R_) and cookies (prefixed by C_) are now passed to stylesheets, as well as request parameters. (RDG) Thanks to Ovidiu Predescu.
  • update Made caching dependent on all request headers, not just user agent. (RDG) Thanks to Ovidiu Predescu.
  • fix Fixed XSLTProcessor and XalanTransformer to allow embedded stylesheets. (RDG)
  • fix Fixed response.sendRedirect problem with Tomcat. (RDG)
  • update Renamed xsp:cacheable to util:cacheable because this is Cocoon-specific and should not be part of the core XSP namespace. (RDG) Thanks to Matt Sergeant.
  • update New caching interface introduced - org.apache.cocoon.framework.Cacheable and corresponding xsp tag xsp:cacheable. Incomplete cacheing documentation page added. Requests that there is no point in cacheing, will now not be cached. This was partly in response to LastModified oddities, and partly to improve memory usage efficiency. (RDG)
  • fix *** NOTE - this was later reversed - see above! *** Made store cleanup algorithm more aggressive. Hopefully this should clear up some of the OutOfMemoryErrors people have been having. (RDG)
  • fix Workaround for an AbstractMethodError bug on some JDKs. (RDG) Thanks to Mike Ehlers.
  • add Added ability for Engine components to implement org.apache.cocoon.framework.DestroyListener and be notified for cleanup purposes if/when the Cocoon servlet is destroyed. (RDG)
  • fix Fixed zombie caching bug where old versions of pages would reappear after certain errors. (RDG) Thanks to Tagunov Anthony.
  • add Simple (manual!) contributions management system for contributions to Cocoon. See documentation. (RDG)
  • add Added ability to get tailored Configurations for superclasses and support classes. (RDG)
  • fix Fixed XInclude problem with local absolute URLs. (RDG) Thanks to Claude Warren.
  • fix Cocoon will now stop with an error if any namespace-mapped logicsheet is not well-formed or missing, instead of just logging a warning message to the servlet logger and throwing a NPE when the logicsheet is invoked. This aids debugging. (RDG)
  • fix Line numbers are now reported in XML parsing errors. On some JDKs it may be necessary to put the sax-bugfix.jar before xerces.jar on the CLASSPATH. (RDG)
  • add Added list of sites providing cocoon webhosting to docs. (RDG)
  • update IMPORTANT: Made esql default to inner-method="false" since the inner-method facility is not always needed and causes confusion. (RDG)
  • update Cocoon now sets a Last-Modified HTTP header based on the time the result was generated (either now or when the result was last changed in the cache). (RDG)
  • fix Fixed fp.xsl, to work better when mixed with other taglibs. (JQ) Thanks to Konstantin Piroumian.
  • fix Fixed fp.xsl, to hopefully allow use of config elements properly. (JQ)
  • fix Fixed XSPProcessor to pick up correct classpath and compile on Tomcat 3.3 and Catalina (Tomcat 4). (RDG) Thanks to Paul Lamb.
  • add Added WebSphere installation script to docs. (RDG) Thanks to Gordon Weakliem.
  • fix Fixed slides sample to work on all browsers. (RDG)
  • fix Fixed package name problem in calendar taglib. (RDG)
  • update New mail-archives page added in documentation (RDG)
  • fix Fixed XSPUtil.toMarkup to encode attributes correctly (RDG) Thanks to Maik Schmidt.
  • fix LDAP processor now accepts byte arrays without throwing a ClassCastException (RDG) Thanks to Jeff Turner.
  • add Added installation instructions for JRun 3.0 (RDG) Thanks to Mahe Vincent.
  • add Added installation instructions for BEA Weblogic Server 6.0 (beta) (RDG) Thanks to James Scott.
  • fix get-header-names now works in request taglib. (RDG) Thanks to Drasko Kokic.
  • fix Fixed so that XSLT document() function resolves correctly when two arguments used (RDG) Thanks to Didier Villevalois.
  • fix Fixed some stupid bugs in response taglib (RDG) Thanks to Reichel Volker.
  • add added code to esql logicsheet to deal with queries that return an update count (DB)
  • fix fixed esql logicsheet - stack and session should only declare once now even when interacting with other logicsheets (DB)
  • update updates to mail logicsheet - get flags, better parsed email address info, bug fixes (DB) Thanks to Ugo Cei.
  • fix Better error determination for Jikes. (RDG) Thanks to Francisco Jr..
  • update More informative exception information is now produced by taglibs. (RDG)
  • update Turned off Xerces schema checking so that validation does not require a schema. (RDG) Thanks to Gabi Brysch.
  • add Added put-value to session taglib for JServ compatibility. (RDG) Thanks to Terry Paddy.
  • fix Spaces are now trimmed from class names read from cocoon.properties (by Engine or Router) so that extra spaces won't create odd startup errors. (RDG) Thanks to Hao Wang.
  • fix Made xincludeprocessor default to parse="xml" (DB) Thanks to Peter Verhage.
  • fix Put heapsize line back into cocoon.properties (DB)
  • update A doozy of a patch to esql - i made it so that you can execute queries either in their own special methods or inlined code - both on the same page even (can't imagine why you'd want to though) (DB)
  • update A couple of bugs fixed in esql, plus i added the first bit of prepared statement support. Nothing but strings yet, but it works. (DB)
  • update Changed default WML output encoding to iso-8859-1. (RDG) Thanks to Marco Pauck.
  • update Improvements to mail logicsheet - specifically, now you can retrieve a set of messages by index, you can get the sent date, and some bugs were fixed. (DB) Thanks to Ugo Cei.
1.8 (September 22 2000)
  • update Cleaned up docs, especially how-it-works and FAQ; added new questions and answers to FAQ. (RDG)
  • fix Changed XSPPage to only clone nodes where necessary, enhancing performance for complex pages. (RDG)
  • fix Changed <xsp:pi> back to use target= instead of name= in order not to break existing users' code (which there is a lot of!). Changed XSP docs to reflect correct usage. (RDG)
  • add Added very primitive profiler (see cocoon.properties) (RDG)
  • fix Fixed some synchronization errors in Engine. You can now call a Cocoon page from a Cocoon page, if you really want (this is inefficient and a bad architecture, but it's possible.) (RDG)
  • fix Made response taglib work on Servlet API 2.0 engines (RDG)
  • add Added xspdoc comments to esql logicsheet and added xspdoc to document convertor in the xml.apache.org site skin directory. god only knows how i'm supposed to add it to the build procedure... help? (DB)
  • add Added error handling to esql logicsheet and documented its use in esql sample. (DB)
  • fix Fixed encoding problem with xinclude processor (DB) Thanks to Tagunov Anthony.
  • fix Fixed problem with XSP and PIs (now follows the correct name="xml-stylesheet" syntax) (SM) Thanks to Kevin Sonney.
  • update Upgraded Xerces to 1.2 because previous version had a bug which meant it couldn't build the Cocoon documentation. (SM)
  • add Added esql logicsheet (DB)
  • update Upgraded xalan to 1_2_D02 (DB)
  • add Added installation instructions for iPlanet. (SM) Thanks to Paul Terray.
  • fix Fixed a typo in session taglib (RR) Thanks to Jens Lorenz.
  • fix Added namespace preservation to Java code-generation taglib (RR)
  • fix Fixed a NPE in XIncludeProcessor on win32 systems (DB) Thanks to Darren Smith.
  • add Added java compiler abstraction for XSP compilation (now we can use Jikes to improve XSP compilation speed). (SM) Thanks to Juergen Sonnauer.
  • fix Patched the cookie XSP taglib and the LDAP processor. (SM) Thanks to Kevin Sonney.
  • fix Implemented blocking in Engine to make Cocoon run better under heavy load. (SM) Thanks to Mark Washeim.
  • add Added Solaris8 and improved Win2k installation case documentation. (SM) Thanks to Mark Evans.
  • fix Made XSP SQL processor do array to string conversion when using a Format object on a text column (DB)
  • update Brought XInclude processor into conformance (mostly) with the 2000-07-17 version of the working draft. (DB)
  • fix Fixed problem with unresolved SystemID URIs that cause problems with latest Xerces. (SM)
  • update Updated to latest Xerces and Xalan. (SM)
  • add Included FP form-handling taglib for XSP. (SM) Thanks to Jeremy Quinn.
  • fix Fixed the bug that prevented compiled XSP to be cacheable with hasChanged(). (SM) Thanks to Mark Washeim.
  • fix Fixed the bug that xsp:expr does not accept DocumentFragments. (SM) Thanks to Robin Green.
  • fix Updated Cocoon installation case document. (SM) Thanks to Mark Evans.
  • fix Removed normalize-space from sql logicsheet's get-nested-string template (DB)
  • fix Changed turbine libraries to just include connection pool stuff, added connection pool docs (DB) Thanks to Brian Millett.
  • fix Fixed stupid bug in XInclude processor's handling of local files introduced in last patch (DB) Thanks to John Morrison.
  • add Added connection pool (and turbine) to sql logicsheet (DB) Thanks to Brian Millett.
  • fix Added support for site-absolute links in xinclude processor (DB)
  • fix Fixed stupid bug in absolute href support in xinclude processor. also now set system ids on included xml resources. (DB) Thanks to Ulrich Mayring.
  • fix Fixed typo on util.xsl that generated XSP compilation problems for the util taglib. (SM) Thanks to Matthias Brunner.
  • fix Patched sql processor documentation to be fully up to date! Hoorah! (DB) Thanks to Peter Seiderer.
  • fix Added connection cache to sql processor (DB) Thanks to Peter Seiderer.
  • fix Disabled "created by cocoon" comment for HTTP HEAD requests. (DB) Thanks to Jeremy Quinn.
  • fix Added HTTP method to Utils.encode so HEAD and GET are distinguishable (DB) Thanks to Jeremy Quinn.
  • fix XIncludeProcessor now strips document type nodes from included documents (DB) Thanks to Daniel Schneider.
  • add Added new installation case that should provide insights for newbies. (SM) Thanks to Mark Evans.
  • fix fixed null pointer exception in XIncludeProcessor. (DB) Thanks to Antonio Cabezuelo Vivo.
  • add Added printer friendly skin so the documentation can now be generated to be printer friendly when needed. (stylesheets are pretty crappy right now, but hopefully some nice guy will improve them) (SM)
1.7.4 (May 19 2000)
  • fix fixed xpath position() problem that caused the slideshow example to behave strangely. Weird. (SM)
  • fix fixed a problem with memory store sweeping idle time declared as seconds and used as milliseconds which caused heavy CPU usage for undetectable misconfiguration. (SM) Thanks to Kevin Burton.
  • fix fixed bug in SQL taglib when doc-element was missing (DB)
  • fix fixed bug in SQL taglib's count rows query (DB) Thanks to Giacomo Pati.
  • fix Work around context.getRealPath() that fails on some engines. (SM) Thanks to Bill Parkinson.
  • fix Fixed problem with getResource() not implemented on some servlet engine. Now we test for Servlet 2.2 (SM) Thanks to Paul Lamb.
  • fix Fixed backslash escaping in text node strings (RR) Thanks to Ulrich Mayring.
  • fix Fixed invalid code for <util:include-file>. Added debug info to <util:include-uri> (RR) Thanks to Ulrich Mayring.
  • fix Added SVG formatting properties. (SM)
  • fix Changed behavior for absolute stylesheet hrefs which now point to absolute URI addresses. (SM)
  • fix Changed "create-session" attribute in <xsp:page> to accept only "true" and "false" as dictated by the XML Schema boolean datatype (RR) Thanks to Kevin Burton.
  • update Added namespace preservation for XSP pages. To preserve namespaces in an XSP page, add an "xsp:xxx" attribute to the page's root element, where "xxx" is the namespace and the attribute value is the namespace URI (RR)
  • update Added boolean attribute "create-session" to <xsp:page> in order to allow for the automatic creation of servlet sessions without intervening <xsp:logic> (RR)
  • update Added "java.net.*" to the list of default XSP page Java imports (RR)
  • update Added synchronization on code generation, compilation and loading (RR) Thanks to Robin Green.
  • update Added support for charset encodings in code generation and compilation. Tested only with Russian under Blackdown's JDK1.2 (RR) Thanks to Pavel Karassev.
  • fix Fixed bug resulting in multiple <xsp:page> top elements (RR)
1.7.3 (May 5 2000)
  • fix Added code to XSLTProcessor to not import request parameters whose names are not valid XML Qnames and code to XalanTransformer to quote request parameter values to bypass the expression parsing routines. (DB)
  • update Added column formatting to XSP SQL taglib. (DB)
  • update Documented all XSP SQL taglib configuration options. (DB)
  • update Added ability to recognize Servlet 2.1 container and get cocoon.properties as a ServletContext resource. This should ease installation on Tomcat. (SM) Thanks to Paul Lamb.
  • update Cleaned the docs a little, fixed some typos and extended the cocoon2 sitemap example. (SM)
  • add Patched engine creation to allow several instances of Cocoon in the same JVM. (SM) Thanks to Manfred Riem.
  • update Added code to XSP SQL library to automatically choose execute update v.s. execute query (DB) Thanks to Kevin Sonney.
  • add Added SMIL formatter. (SM)
  • add Added XHTML formatter. (SM)
  • fix Fixed other encoding problems (hopefully last ones). (SM) Thanks to Pawel Pesz.
  • update Updated build scripts (mostly esthetics for easier administration). (SM)
  • fix Fixed some typos and mistakes in documentation. (SM) Thanks to Mike Rossellini.
  • fix Fixed a problem with the cache monitor that was not updating the timestamp after a change so the cache was disabled after one of multiple stylesheets where updated. Now it works as expected. (SM)
  • fix Fixed possible encoding problem in stylesheet loading. (SM)
  • update Updated Xalan to version 1.0.1. (SM)
  • add Added new samples. (SM)
  • fix Fixed a problem with XSP where PIs contained the string xsp. (SM) Thanks to Raphaël Luta.
  • fix Fixed a problem with XSP packages containing dots and also fixes a problem with package generation. (SM) Thanks to Roberto Moreda. Fixes bug 112.
  • update Improved error message when XSP repository directory is not writable. (SM) Fixes bug 102.
  • update Added an improved memory store that checks for memory overflow in the background. (SM) Thanks to Michel Lehon.
  • fix Fixed a number of NPE when using Cocoon from the command line. (SM) Thanks to Ovidiu Predescu.
  • fix Fixed xsp:pi that now can work with included xsp:expr for dynamically generated PIs in XSP. (SM) Thanks to Robin Green.
  • fix Fixed xsp:expr [XSPPage.xspExpr()] to ensure that node values are created by the same document instance. (RR)
  • fix Fixed problem with Sun ProjectX compilation that failed on some platforms. (SM) Thanks to Andrew Sheehan.
  • fix Fixed problem with LDAP examples. (SM) Thanks to James Birchfield.
  • fix Fixed a problem with DocumentDTD that defined the "role" attribute twice and triggered validation problems on some parsers. (SM) Thanks to Maurice Galland.
  • fix Fixed a problem with document stylesheets that messed up anchors. (SM) Fixes bug 91.
  • add Added ability to specify formatting information from the cocoon property file instead of having to create a custom formatter every time. Also fixed the output encoding problem since now a specific encoding for the output stream can be forced. (SM) Fixes bug 90.
  • add Added XML encoding prediction to fix the encoding problem for ProducerFromFile. Cocoon should now work with all encoding supported by the XML parser used. (SM) Fixes bug 83.
  • fix Added ability to call "hasChanged" from inside the XSP engine to avoid dynamic page regeneration even XSP pages. (SM) Thanks to Robin Green.
1.7.2 (March 31 2000)
  • update Changes prior to 1.7.2 are no longer listed in the docs - a fuller list may be found in changes.xml in the Cocoon distribution. (RDG)

Copyright © 1999-2001 The Apache Software Foundation. All Rights Reserved.