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This is an informal list - in chronological order - of some of the noteworthy patches that have been posted to the cocoon-dev mailing list. These patches are not (yet) part of the Cocoon project, but need reviewing for possible inclusion. This system was instituted because, due to the large volume of mail and the lack of time of the committers, some patches tended to get forgetten about. This queue does not guarantee that any patch will be reviewed within a reasonable time frame, but it does at least make them easier to find!

Reviewers wanted! - If you have time to review and/or test these patches, we would be grateful for your time. Please post comments to the cocoon-dev mailing lists.

Before submitting a patch, please read the page on Third-Party Contributions. The preferred submission method for patches is:

  • Post to
  • Describe the patch, the reason for it and (if necessary) why this is important.
  • Generate the patch in diff -u format from CVS
  • Also generate a documentation patch or new file, if this is something that should be documented.
  • Post as an attachment rather than inline (unless it is trivially small).

Following the above guidelines will facilitate your patch being reviewed and applied efficiently.

Patch Queue

[Under Construction] Archive links will be added later. Please do not bother the patch submitters/authors without first reading the relevant post(s) in the mailing list archives.

Vapourware will not be listed.

Date Posted  Subject   Brief Description/Comments   Submitted/Written By  Patch Against Version (mandatory) 
Unknown, 2000  Pipeline debugging  This is not actually a patch, but a slightly forked version of Cocoon with ability to output what is the results of each stage of the pipeline to files. Needs work to merge it!   Robin Green  1.7.1-dev 
28 Oct 2000  resource URL: handling  Allows resource: URLs to be used everywhere, e.g. can read from JARs in XSLT. NOTE: This particular approach was discouraged in an earlier cocoon-dev discussion because of possible security manager problems.   Ovidiu Predescu  1.8 
29 Oct 2000  Browser capabilities and database  Extensive changes to user agent recognition and a capabilities map.  Ovidiu Predescu  1.8 
31 Oct 2000  Command line patches  Support for specifying user agent in the command line and outputting to stdout.  Ovidiu Predescu  1.8 
4 Nov 2000  Classloader conflicts (XSP)  Fixes classloader conflicts with XSP and some servlet engines (Resin). NOTE: patch requires JDK1.2, Cocon 1.x must not require JDK1.2 so patch must be made reflective.  Sergei Ivanov  1.? 
8 Nov 2000  XSP Debugger  Alternative patch to "pipeline debugger" at top of this queue. Ideally the best of both solutions should be extracted.   Michael Hussey  1.8 
29 Nov 2000  fp:write node creation  fp:write doesn't create new nodes as it should. This patch fixes that.  David Arnold  1.8? 
9 Jan 2001  Custom entity resolver  The Parser interface doesn't currently have a way of specifying an EntityResolver  Robert Marcano  1.8 

See also additional list of patches to be added in To Do.

Copyright © 1999-2001 The Apache Software Foundation. All Rights Reserved.