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This is the current time frame for the next releases:

  • Not schedulded yet : 2.1 Alpha
  • Not schedulded yet : 2.1 Beta 1
  • On request : 2.0.5 (bug fix release)
Version 2.1 Beta 1
  • apply patches
  • test flowmap + docs + etc
  • documentation to be published by Forrest
  • finish the document Updating Cocoon which describes the major changes since 2.0.2
  • finish the refactoring of samples
  • finish to move scratchpad stuff in main trunk
  • more tests and examples on the flowmap. Seems to me that this strategic stuff has been a set a bit aside due to lack of time.
  • Move complete Source implementation to Excalibur
  • Change implementation for SitemapConfigurable
Version 2.2 Beta 1

Although this version might be long in the future, we already have some plans...

  • Design and implement blocks
  • Move to a new Avalon container implementation (Merlin, Fortress or whatever)
General tasks for a release
  • We have many open bugs in bugzilla. These must be reviewed and then solved (or declared invalid etc).
  • Documentation updates (this area lacks most). We could move this to the final release. Documentation must be happening all the time, and not left until last.
  • Checking what to backport. We have components in the latest developer versions, which might find their way into the bugfix version line (2.0.x).
  • Ensure that licensing requirements have been met. update jars.xml, ensure proper banner in *.java header, verify the current LICENSE* files, ensure that external components have suitable licensing requirements.
  • Everything we forgot...
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