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  • [docs] Decide priorities for initial documentation project efforts.
  • [docs] Decide how draft documentation will be managed in CVS. Probably under the main xdocs to start with.
  • [docs] Decide how to simplify proposed content submission and review process.
  • [docs] Explore options for building "depends" hooks into documentation to couple document content more tightly to code evolution. In other words, create internal document flags to help identify content to update when a particular component/option changes.
  • [docs] Clarify any copyright issues related to contributed documentation.
  • [docs] Javadocs need simple package.html for description of each class. See email discussion cocoon-dev Javadocs: need basic package information
  • [docs] Develop how-to author Tutorial and Recipe documents.
  • [docs] Develop how-to author a case studies/success story document.
  • [docs] Develop how-to author business case document.
  • [docs] Develop tips on writing effectively document for contributors.
  • [docs] Develop basic editing conventions for project.
  • [docs] Develop status page of in-process documents and topics.
  • [docs] Review all existing documentation. Update Documentation Revisions as appropriate.
  • [docs] Review the titles of all existing documents. At one stage they were deliberately kept short because of show-off banner images. Now there is no need and titles can be properly descriptive. Also set guidelines for new document titles. See cocoon-dev discussion Re: tracks/titles.
  • [docs] Harvest FAQ content from user list. Expand FAQ content. Revise faq-v10.dtd.
  • [docs] Develop and post survey to user list to assess documentation needs.
  • [docs] Develop comprehensive how-to "wish list" cover all critical development issues.
  • [docs] Provide technical review of draft tutorial: "Developing Your Own Generator."
  • [docs] Expand documentation infrastructure (XSLT, indexing, etc.) to provide efficient user access to multiple FAQs, How-Tos, Snippets, Tutorials, etc.
  • [docs] Revise web site navigation/hierarchy to make all documentation more accessible.
  • [code] Build upon Ken's excellent Patch Queue notifier to send a reminder/prompt to relevant mail list about outstanding DOC patches in Bugzilla.
  • [code] Explore CMS-related options with Forrest project.
  • [docs] Recruit users for authoring and QA testing.
  • [docs] Explore other QA options, such as off-site wikis and contentEnabled browser capabilities.
  • [docs] Decide how Cocoon project web site can be updated more frequently.
  • [docs] Edit content of existing documents, based on Documentation Revisions.
  • [docs] Restructure existing documents, if necessary, based on Documentation Revisions.
  • [docs] Develop more informative introductory pages for refactored samples.
  • [docs] Figure out how to consistently link between the Samples and the relevant documentation and vice versa. Then create more links.
  • [docs] Develop learner's roadmaps.
  • [docs] Develop an expanded version of Documentation Revisions to facilitate contributor and coordination efforts.
  • [docs] Review all existing scratchpad documentation. Update Documentation Revisions as appropriate.
  • [docs] Decide what to do about the cTwIG (Cocoon Two Idiots Guide). After the re-organisation of the menus, it is no longer linked in. Perhaps some of it should move into the new How-to docs. There is also an old patch waiting in Bugzilla ... Bug 6435 which contains neglected contributions.
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