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2.0.5-dev (July 10 2003)
  • add New tutorial: Write a Custom Generator (DC) Thanks to Geoff Howard.
  • add Added documentation for the WebServiceProxyGenerator component. Explains how to implement Web Syndication. (IAI) Thanks to Ivelin Ivanov.
  • add Added WSDL descriptor and a REST style resource version of the XMLForm demo. (IAI) Thanks to Ivelin Ivanov.
2.0.3 (July 15 2002)
  • add Encourage people to help with the mending broken links. Added a linkstatus document describing some tools. (DC)
  • add Added section to the Mailing Lists document to describe the new cocoon-docs mailing list. (DC)
  • add Established the new cocoon-docs mailing list. (NKB)
  • update Updated and refactored some planning docs. (DS)
  • add Added new How-To for HTML-PDF Publishing. (DS) Thanks to Betrand Delacretaz.
  • add Added new How-To for Authoring Core Docs. (DS)
  • add Added new How-To for PaginatorTransformer. (DS)
  • add Added simple user documentation of LinkStatus Generator. (BH)
  • add Encourage people to help with the refactoring of Cocoon samples. Provide a refactoring guidelines document. (DC)
  • add New Snippet section added, along with first Snippet and Snippet How-To. (DS)
  • add Added additional FAQs pages: Actions, Aggregators, and XSP. (DS)
  • update Edited Matchers, Selectors, and a number of other user guide doc files to address grammar, typos, and general Global English issues. (DS)
  • update Added stylesheet, src/documentation/stylesheets/faqcommon.xsl, which places two FAQs at the bottom of every FAQs topic page. FAQs added include "How can I add my FAQ to this document" and "How can I suggest improvements to existing FAQs". (DS)
  • update Added five additional FAQ categories and pages. Pulled useful FAQ content from various locations within existing docs and sitemap files. Provided "gateway links" to additional site documentation. (DS)
  • add Added new draft How to Prepare a Patch. (DC)
  • add Added new draft How to Contribute a Patch via Bugzilla. (DC)
  • add Added Tutorial section. Moved existing tutorial to new location. Added draft tutorial contribution. (DS)
  • add Added How-To section. Added new How to author How-To and FAQ articles. (DS)
  • update Added new FAQ categories. Restructured FAQ content to facilitate user contributions via patches. (DS)
  • update Reviewed the LinkAlarm report and fixed some broken links. (DC)
  • add Added new Cocoon Links section with a collection of links to various external sources. (DC) Thanks to Andreas Hochsteger. Fixes bug 8989.
  • update Added many entries to the new To Do List. (DS)
  • add Started new documents for Documentation To Do List and Documentation History of Changes. (DC)
2.0.2 (March 26 2002)
  • add Commenced discussion and planning for a Documentation Project. (DS)
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