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The Cocoon samples are now under src/webapp/samples/ and have been refactored to be self contained, to have their own sitemaps, and to utilise some common resources.

However, there are still some old samples that have not yet been moved into this new structure. They are at src/webapp/docs/samples/ and so are not available from the samples page. Please help to bring them back.

The main page of the samples is becoming rather cluttered again. The aim is to have various samples pages, rather than just one big page.

There are some missing groups of samples, e.g.

  • Welcome => Samples => More Samples => Static Content
  • Welcome => Samples => More Samples => Server Pages
  • Welcome => Samples => More Samples => Sources
  • Welcome => Samples => More Samples => Web Applications
  • Choose your favourite missing sample.
  • Create a new directory under webapp/samples
  • Follow the example of some other samples, e.g. poi/ or i18n/ or misc/
  • cp samples/misc/sitemap.xmap samples/yours/sitemap.xmap and edit it to suit your own matches.
  • cp samples/misc/samples.xml samples/yours/samples.xml and edit it to become the front page to your collection of samples.
  • Move the documents from the old sample at webapp/docs/samples
  • Make links to your new samples from other pages.
  • Remove the old sample from webapp/docs/samples
  • Ensure that the new sample works as expected.
  • Send a patch via Bugzilla
Other discussion

There has been some discussion on cocoon-dev ...

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