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Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.ajax

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.ajax
 class BrowserUpdateTransformer

Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.components.language.markup

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.components.language.markup
 class AbstractMarkupLanguage.TransformerChainBuilderFilter
          An XMLFilter that build the chain of transformers on the fly.
 class CocoonMarkupLanguage.CocoonTransformerChainBuilderFilter
          This filter builds on the fly a chain of transformers.
 class CocoonMarkupLanguage.PreProcessFilter
          Preprocess filter for Cocoon Markup languages.

Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.components.language.markup.xsp

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.components.language.markup.xsp
 class JSGenerator
          Class representing interpreted XSP-generated ServerPagesGenerator programs written in Javascript language
 class PythonGenerator
          Class representing interpreted XSP-generated ServerPagesGenerator programs written in Python language
static class XSPExpressionFilter.XMLPipeAdapter
 class XSPGenerator
          Base class for XSP-generated ServerPagesGenerator classes
protected  class XSPMarkupLanguage.PreProcessFilter
          PreProcessFilter that replaces XSP expressions.

Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.components.parser

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.components.parser
 class JaxpParser
          Deprecated. The Avalon XML Parser is now used inside Cocoon. This role will be removed in future releases.
 class PooledJaxpParser
          Deprecated. PooledJaxpParser is now the default parser for Cocoon and has thus been moved to JaxpParser - this class will be removed in a future release. The Avalon XML Parser is now used inside Cocoon. This role will be removed in future releases.
 class XercesParser
          Deprecated. The Avalon XML Parser is now used inside Cocoon. This role will be removed in future releases.

Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.components.xpointer

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.components.xpointer
static class ElementPathPart.PathInclusionPipe

Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.forms.datatype

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.forms.datatype
 class DynamicSelectionList.SelectionListHandler
          XMLConsumer used to handle selection lists generated on the fly.

Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.forms.generation

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.forms.generation
 class FormsGenerator
          A generator that streams an XML representation of a Form.
 class SelectionListFilter
          A filter for selection lists, that keeps only those items that start with a given filter value.
 class SuggestionListGenerator
          A generator for suggestion lists.

Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.forms.transformation

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.forms.transformation
 class EffectPipe
          Base class for XMLPipe's.
 class EffectWidgetReplacingPipe
          The basic operation of this Pipe is that it replaces ft:widget (in the FormsConstants.TEMPLATE_NS namespace) tags (having an id attribute) by the XML representation of the corresponding widget instance.
protected  class EffectWidgetReplacingPipe.StylingContentHandler
          This ContentHandler helps in inserting SAX events before the closing tag of the root element.
 class FormsTemplateTransformer
          See description of EffectWidgetReplacingPipe.

Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.generation

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.generation
 class AbstractGenerator
          An abstract class that can be used to implement an own generator.
 class AbstractServerPage
          Base implementation of ServerPagesGenerator.
 class CalendarGenerator
 class ComposerGenerator
          Deprecated. Use the ServiceableGenerator instead.
 class CSVGenerator
          A simple parser converting a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file into XML.
 class DirectoryGenerator
 class EventCacheGenerator
          Generator wrapper that forwards generation to to its delegate but overides its caching strategy by replacing it with an event-cache aware implementation.
 class ExceptionGenerator
          A generator that dumps an XML representation of the exception raised during a pipeline execution.
 class FileGenerator
 class FragmentExtractorGenerator
          The generation half of FragmentExtractor.
 class GenericProxyGenerator
          This is a generic HTTP proxy, designed to handle any possible HTTP method, but with a particular bias towards WebDAV.
 class HSSFGenerator
          This generator generates - using Apache POI - a Gnumeric compliant XML Document from a Microsoft Excel Workbook.
 class HTMLGenerator
 class HttpProxyGenerator
          The HttpProxyGenerator is a Cocoon generator using the Jakarta Commons HTTPClient Library to access an XML stream over HTTP.
 class ImageDirectoryGenerator
 class IMAPGenerator
          Generates an XML listing of messages from an IMAP mail server.
 class JSPGenerator
          Allows Servlets and JSPs to be used as a generator.
 class JXTemplateGenerator
          Deprecated. Replaced with the template block: JXTemplateGenerator.
static class JXTemplateGenerator.TransformerAdapter
          Deprecated. Adapter that makes this generator usable as a transformer (Note there is a performance penalty for this however: you effectively recompile the template for every instance document)
 class LinkStatusGenerator
 class MP3DirectoryGenerator
 class NekoHTMLGenerator
 class ParseExceptionGenerator
          Exception generator.
 class PhpGenerator
          Allows PHP to be used as a generator.
 class ProfilerGenerator
          Generates an XML representation of the current status of Profiler.
 class RequestGenerator
 class ScriptGenerator
          The Scriptgenerator executes arbitraty scripts using the BSF framework and additional interpreter (Rhino, Groovy, Jython, etc.) as a Cocoon Generator.
 class SearchGenerator
          Generates an XML representation of a search result.
 class ServerPagesGenerator
          This class acts as a proxy to a dynamically loadedGenerator delegating actual SAX event generation.
 class ServerPagesGenerator.CompletionPipe
 class ServiceableGenerator
          A default implementation that can be used for writing own generators.
 class ServletGenerator
 class SessionAttributeGenerator
 class StatusGenerator
 class StreamGenerator
 class SWFGenerator
          uses the project
 class TextGenerator
          Read a plain text file and produce a valid XML file.
 class TraversableGenerator
          Generates an XML source hierarchy listing from a Traversable Source.
 class TraversableSourceDescriptionGenerator
          This Generator augments the output of the TraversableGenerator.
 class VelocityGenerator
          Cocoon Generator that produces dynamic XML SAX events from a Velocity template file.
 class WebServiceProxyGenerator
          The WebServiceProxyGenerator is intended to: 1) Allow easy syndication of dynamic interactive content as a natural extension of the currently popular static content syndication with RSS. 2) Allow transparent routing of web service request through GET, POST, SOAP-RPC and SOAP-DOC binding methods. 3) Allow almost full control through sitemap configuration. 4) Allow use of Cocoon components for content formatting, aggregation and styling through a tight integration with the Cocoon sitemap. 5) Require 0 (zero) lines of Java or other business logic code in most cases. 6) Be generic and flexible enough to allow custom extensions for advanced and non-typical uses. 7) Support sessions, authentication, http 1.1, https, request manipulation, redirects following, connection pooling, and others. 8) Use the Jakarta HttpClient library which provides many sophisticated features for HTTP connections. 9) (TBD) Use Axis for SOAP-RPC and SOAP-DOC bindings.
 class XMidiGenerator
          Reads a standard MIDI file and generates SAX Events.
 class XMLDBCollectionGenerator
          Deprecated. Use the XML:DB pseudo protocol instead.
 class XMLDBGenerator
          Deprecated. Use the XML:DB pseudo protocol instead.
 class XPathDirectoryGenerator
 class XPathTraversableGenerator
          Generates an XML collection listing performing XPath queries on XML sources.

Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.generation.asciiart

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.generation.asciiart
 class AsciiArtSVGGenerator
          A simple AsciiArt text SVG XML generator.

Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.mail.transformation

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.mail.transformation
 class SendMailTransformer
          The SendMailTransformer send mails with optional attachments using a SMTP server and delivers furthermore a status report of each sent mail.

Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.portal.coplets.basket

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.portal.coplets.basket
 class AbstractBasketTransformer
          This is the base class for all basket transformers
 class BasketContentGenerator
          This generator displays the content of one item.
 class BasketGenerator
          This is a portlet that displays the contents of a basket
 class BasketTransformer
          This transformer supports the basket and briefcase feature.
 class FolderTransformer
          This transformer supports the basket feature.

Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.portal.generation

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.portal.generation
 class AbstractCopletGenerator
          Abstract generator implementation that provides a method getCopletInstanceData().

Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.portal.serialization

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.portal.serialization
 class IncludingHTMLSerializer
          This is a special serializer that allows to include content that is not XML at the last possible point.

Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in
 class XMLProfileGenerator

Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in
 class I18nCatalogueGenerator

Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in
 class CheckAccessTransformer
 class PortalToolsI18nTransformer
 class PortalToolsLayoutTransformer
          Adds the navigation etc. to the document

Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.portal.transformation

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.portal.transformation
 class AbstractCopletTransformer
          Abstract transformer implementation that provides some useful methods and functionality.
 class CopletTransformer
          This transformer offers various functions for developing pipeline based coplets.
 class EventLinkTransformer
          This transformer searches for event descriptions in the XML.
 class HTMLEventLinkTransformer
          This transformer transforms html actions into events.
 class HTMLRootTransformer
          This transformer is an utility transformer for dealing with (x)html content.
 class LinkTransformer
          This Transformer deals with tags containing links to external applications that need to be converted so that not the external application will be called directly but the request gets routed via the cocoon portal (either via proxy transformer or proxy reader).
 class NewEventLinkTransformer
          This transformer is used to replace links (URIs) from elements like <a href="URI"> or <form action="URI"> with portal event uris.
 class ProxyTransformer
          This transformer is used to insert the XHTML data from an request to an external application at the specified element ("envelope-tag" parameter).
 class RSSTransformer
          This transformer records the content of all description elements and tries to interpret them as valid XML.

Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.profiling.generation

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.profiling.generation
 class StatisticsGenerator

Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.samples

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.samples
 class EventAwareGenerator
          This is a sample generator to demonstrate the event aware caching.

Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.serialization

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.serialization
 class AbstractSerializer
 class AbstractTextSerializer
static class AbstractTextSerializer.NamespaceAsAttributes
          A pipe that ensures that all namespace prefixes are also present as 'xmlns:' attributes.
 class FOPSerializer
          FOP 0.93 (and newer) based serializer.
 class HTMLSerializer
 class iTextSerializer
 class LinkSerializer
 class RTFSerializer
          This class uses the jfor library to serialize XSL:FO documents to RTF streams.
 class SWFSerializer
          uses the project
 class TextSerializer
          Text serializer converts XML into plain text.
 class XMidiSerializer
          Takes SAX Events and serializes them as a standard MIDI file.
 class XMLSerializer
 class ZipArchiveSerializer
          A serializer that builds Zip archives by aggregating several sources.

Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.sitemap

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.sitemap
 class LinkGatherer
 class LinkTranslator
 class NotifyingGenerator
          Generates an XML representation of the current notification.

Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.slop.generation

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.slop.generation
 class SlopGenerator
          SlopGenerator: Simple Line-Oriented Parsing of text files.

Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.template

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.template
 class TransformerAdapter
          Adapter that makes this generator usable as a transformer (Note there is a performance penalty for this however: you effectively recompile the template for every instance document)

Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.transformation

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.transformation
 class AbstractDOMTransformer
          An Abstract DOM Transformer, for use when a transformer needs a DOM-based view of the document.
 class AbstractExtractionTransformer
          This transformer sieves an incoming stream of xml and feeds a DOMBuilder with it.
 class AbstractSAXTransformer
          This class is the basis for all transformers.
 class AbstractTransformer
 class AugmentTransformer
 class CachingCIncludeTransformer
          Deprecated. This transformer violates the avalon/cocoon design principles. Use IncludeTransformer.
 class CIncludeTransformer
 class CleanupTransformer
          Cleanup transformer: Removes excess whitespace while adding some where needed for legibility.
 class DASLTransformer
          This transformer performs DASL queries on DASL-enabled WebDAV servers.
 class DeliTransformer
          This Transformer is used to transform this incoming SAX stream using a XSLT stylesheet and have parameters available to the stylesheet augmented by the DELI CC/PP user-agent profile database This transformer extends the default TraxTransformer and thus inherits all the properties and configuration parameters of that transformer.
 class EncodeURLTransformer
 class FilterTransformer
 class FragmentExtractorTransformer
          The transformation half of the FragmentExtractor.
 class HTMLTransformer
          Converts (escaped) HTML snippets into JTidied HTML.
 class I18nTransformer
 class IncludeTransformer
          A simple transformer including resolvable sources (accessed through Cocoon's SourceResolver) from its input.
 class JPathTransformer
 class JXTemplateTransformer
          Deprecated. Replaced with the template block: JXTemplateTransformer.
 class LDAPTransformer
          The LDAPTransformer can be plugged into a pipeline to transform the SAX events into queries and responses to/from a LDAP interface.
 class LinkRewriterTransformer
          Rewrites URIs in links to a value determined by an InputModule.
 class LogTransformer
 class LuceneIndexTransformer

A lucene index creation transformer.

 class NekoHTMLTransformer
          Converts (escaped) HTML snippets into tidied HTML using the NekoHTML library.
 class PatternTransformer
          This transfomer transforms text pattern of a XML file into lexemes by using a lexicon file.
 class ReadDOMSessionTransformer
 class RoleFilterTransformer
 class ServiceableTransformer
          This class can be used as a base class for own transformer implementations that need to lookup other components.
 class SimpleFormInstanceExtractionTransformer
 class SimpleFormTransformer
 class SourcePropsWritingTransformer
          This transformer allows you to set and remove properties on an InspectableSource.
 class SourceWritingTransformer
 class SQLTransformer
          The SQLTransformer can be plugged into a pipeline to transform SAX events into updated or queries and responses to/from a SQL interface.
 class StripNameSpacesTransformer
 class TagTransformer
          Transformer which implements the taglib functionalty.
 class TeeTransformer
 class TraxTransformer
 class ValidatingTransformer
          The ValidatingTransformer provides a very simple Transformer validating documents while being processed in a Cocoon pipeline.
 class ValidationReportTransformer
          The ValidationReportTransformer provides a Transformer validating documents while being processed in a Cocoon pipeline, and preparing a report of all detected inconsistancies according the specified schema.
 class VariableRewriterTransformer
          Rewrites URIs in links to a value determined by an InputModule.
 class Web3RfcTransformer
 class WebDAVTransformer
          A general purpose, low level webdav transformer.
 class WriteDOMSessionTransformer
 class XIncludeTransformer
 class XMLDBTransformer
          This transformer allows to perform resource creation, deletion, and XUpdate command execution in XML:DB.

Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.transformation.pagination

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.transformation.pagination
 class Paginator
          A paginating transformer.

Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.webapps.authentication.generation

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.webapps.authentication.generation
 class ConfigurationGenerator
          Deprecated. This block is deprecated and will be removed in future versions.

Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.webapps.portal.generation

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.webapps.portal.generation
 class PortalGenerator
          This generator generates the portal for the current user.

Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.webapps.session.transformation

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.webapps.session.transformation
 class AbstractSessionTransformer
          Deprecated. This block is deprecated and will be removed in future versions.
 class SessionPostTransformer
          Deprecated. This block is deprecated and will be removed in future versions.
 class SessionPreTransformer
          Deprecated. This block is deprecated and will be removed in future versions.
 class SessionTransformer
          Deprecated. This block is deprecated and will be removed in future versions.

Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.woody.generation

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.woody.generation
 class WoodyGenerator
          A generator that streams an XML representation of a Woody Form.

Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.woody.transformation

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.woody.transformation
protected  class EffectPipe.Output
 class WidgetReplacingPipe
          The basic operation of this Pipe is that it replaces wt:widget (in the Constants.WT_NS namespace) tags (having an id attribute) by the XML representation of the corresponding widget instance.
 class WidgetReplacingPipe.InsertStylingContentHandler
          This ContentHandler helps in inserting SAX events before the closing tag of the root element.
 class WoodyTemplateTransformer
          See description of WidgetReplacingPipe.

Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.xml

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.xml
 class AbstractXMLPipe
          This class provides a bridge class to connect to existing content handlers and lexical handlers.
 class DocumentHandlerAdapter
          This class is an utility class "adapting" a SAX version 1.0 DocumentHandler, to SAX version 2 ContentHandler.
 class EmbeddedXMLPipe
          This class implements a ContentHandler for embedding a full SAX event stream into an existing stream of SAX events.
 class RedundantNamespacesFilter
          A SAX filter that strips out redundant namespace declarations.

Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.xml.dom

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.xml.dom
 class DOMBuilder
          The DOMBuilder is a utility class that will generate a W3C DOM Document from SAX events.
static class DOMStreamer.DefaultDOMStreamer
          The DefaultDOMStreamer is a utility class that will generate SAX events from a W3C DOM Document.
static class DOMStreamer.NamespaceNormalizingDOMStreamer
          Streams a DOM tree to SAX events and normalizes namespace declarations on the way.

Uses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.xml.xlink

Subclasses of AbstractXMLProducer in org.apache.cocoon.xml.xlink
 class ExtendedXLinkPipe
          This class extends the XLink semantic capabilities to understand those elements that are have default linking semantics associated.
 class XLinkPipe
          This class implements a SAX consumer wrapper that transforms the general SAX semantic into XLink semantics for easier consumption.

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