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Apache Cocoon project bylaws addendum


The Cocoon community has decided to nurture child communities within the Cocoon sub-project.

These child communities have a more specific and narrow focus, and have non-specific access to only a subset of the Cocoon Sub-project resources.

Committers on the father Cocoon Sub-project have automatic full access to all the Cocoon Sub-project resources.

Child Communities

Currently the Cocoon Sub-project has the following child communities, with their specific goals, resource usage scope, and reference mailing list.

Community: cocoon-docs


Create, organize and maintain the documentation of the Cocoon Sub-project.

Specific Resources

  • docs@cocoon.apache.org mailing list
  • Jira
  • cocoon-.* modules SVN access

Reference mailing list



The Apache Cocoon project has the following SVN repositories.


The repository containing the Cocoon 2.0.x program source code.


The repository containing the Cocoon 2.1.x program source code.

cocoon-1 the 1.x branch repository, kept only for history