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Booleanfield widget


An fd:booleanfield is a field that has a value of true or false. Usually is rendered as a checkbox.

It is different from a field widget with a boolean datatype because an HTML checkbox submits no request parameter if the checkbox is unchecked. If you would render it instead as a listbox with true and false values, you could also use a regular field widget. Since the styling preference might change over time, it is however better to use consistently the fd:booleanfield widget.

A booleanfield cannot be marked as "required", because it is always required. It is either true or false. If you want tripples (true/false/none), use a normal field widget with a selection list.


<fd:booleanfield id="..." state="...">
    <fd:attribute name="..." value="..."/>

See field widget for a description of the configuration options.

The optional element fd:true-param-value specifies the parameter value that indicates true. By default this is "true".


A booleanfield widget is inserted in a template using the ft:widget tag:

<ft:widget id="..."/>

Styling (default HTML XSL)

A booleanfield is rendered as a checkbox. To make the checkbox user-friendly, make sure the label of the checkbox is associated with the checkbox, so that the user can also click the label to (de)select the checkbox:

<ft:widget id="someId"/> <label for="someId-input"><ft:widget-label id="someId"/></label>

This is automatically taken care of when using the columns group layout as explained here.