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Authentication Framework: Module Management

In addition to the application management feature, the framework offers a facility called module management. It enhances the application management by adding the possibility of configuring components for the application. For example, the Cocoon portal engine needs information about the source of the portal profile for the user, about where the layout is stored, etc. Each portal needs this information. Assuming that a portal is an application each application needs this information. As only the portal engine itself knows what information it needs, the module management is a standarized way for configuring such components.

The module configuration is part of the application configuration:

    <handler name="unique">
      ....redirect-to/authentication configuration
      <applications>  <!-- the applications for this handler -->
        <application name="unique">
          <configuration name="portal">
            ...portal configuration

So whenever the portal engine is asked to build the portal it can easily retrieve its configuration from the current application by getting the module configuration named "portal".