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Advanced Control Flow - Velocity

Velocity Generator

If called from a Flowscript, the Cocoon Velocity Generator provides access to the immediate properties of the context object passed to cocoon.sendPage and cocoon.sendPageAndWait. In addition, the current WebContinuation is also available as a variable named $continuation. You would typically access its id:

  <form action="$continuation.id">

You can also reach previous continuations by using the getParent() function:

  <form action="$continuation.getParent().id" >

In addition the following implicit objects are always available in the Velocity context:

  • Request $request : The current Cocoon request
  • Response $response : The Cocoon response associated with the current request
  • Session $session : The Cocoon session associated with the current request
  • Context $context : The Cocoon context associated with the current request
  • org.apache.avalon.framework.parameters.Parameters $parameters : Any parameters passed to the generator in the pipeline

Cocoon installs a Velocity introspector that makes it possible for you to access JavaScript objects and arrays in your templates, as well as Java objects. For example, assuming you had a Flowscript like this:

    sendPage("myTemplate.vm", {colors: ["red", "blue", "yellow"]});

You could do this in myTemplate.vm:

    <select name="colors">
    #foreach ($color in $colors) 
      <option value="$color">$color</option>