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XPath Directory Generator

XPath Directory Generator

Generates an XML directory listing performing XPath queries on XML files.

  • Name: xpathdirectory
  • Class: org.apache.cocoon.generation.XPathDirectoryGenerator
  • Cacheable: yes

The XPath Directory Generator provides all the functionality of the Directory Generator. Additionaly it is possible to get XML snippets out of the XML files the Directory Generator finds.

Additional Configuration

  <map:generate type="xpathdirectory" src="the/requested/directory">
    <map:parameter name="xpath" value="/article/title|/article/abstract"/>
    <map:parameter name="xmlFiles" value="\.x.*$"/>

The XPath Directory Generator has two additional parameters, both are optional.

  • xpath: Sets the XPath the XPath Directory Generator should use for queries on XML files. If you don't set this parameter it will behave like the Directory Generator.
  • xmlFiles: The xml files pattern. Specifies the files that should be handled as XML files. XPath queries will only be tried on files matching this pattern. The XPath Directory Generator does not fail on non-XML files or files that are not well-formed or not valid. All Exceptions on parsing the files will be caught and ignored. But of course, useless parsing, throwing and catching exceptions is very time consuming, so the xmlFiles pattern should not be too generic.
    If you specify an empty pattern all files will be handled as XML files. The default pattern when not specifying this parameter is \.xml$, so that all files ending .xml are handled as XML files.
    The pattern is a regular expression as described in the API docs of the Apache RegExp project.
The sort parameter only takes values from the DirectoryGenerator, not an XPath.

Extended DTD

  <!ELEMENT directory (directory|file)*>
  <!ATTLIST directory
    name         CDATA #REQUIRED
    lastModified CDATA #REQUIRED
    date         CDATA #REQUIRED
    size         CDATA #REQUIRED
    requested    CDATA #IMPLIED
    sort         CDATA #IMPLIED
    reverse      CDATA #IMPLIED>

  <!ELEMENT file (xpath?)>
  <!ATTLIST file
    name         CDATA #REQUIRED
    lastModified CDATA #REQUIRED
    date         CDATA #REQUIRED
    size         CDATA #REQUIRED>

  <!ELEMENT xpath #ALL>
  <!ATTLIST xpath
    query        CDATA #REQUIRED>


The current XPath Directory Generator may generate following xml:

<dir:directory xmlns:dir="http://apache.org/cocoon/directory/2.0"
    name="articles" lastModified="1057183738609" date="03.07.03 00:08" size="0"
    requested="true" sort="name" reverse="false">
  <dir:directory name="images" lastModified="1057183738609" date="03.07.03 00:08" size="0"/>
  <dir:file name="article1.xml" lastModified="1057183738609" date="03.07.03 00:08" size="123">
    <dir:xpath query="/article/title">
      <title>My first article!</title>
  <dir:file name="article2.html" lastModified="1057183738609" date="03.07.03 00:08" size="345"/>
  <dir:file name="article2.xml" lastModified="1057183738609" date="03.07.03 00:08" size="234">
    <dir:xpath query="/article/title">
      <title>My second article!</title>