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About the Cocoon Documentation Effort


There is a concerted effort underway at this time to improve Cocoon's documentation. This effort is based on the belief that open source documents can be as first-rate as the software on which they are based. However, such an endeavor is entirely dependent upon vital and timely forms of contributions from developers and users alike. Make no mistake about it; everyone is needed and invited to participate in this effort!

While we have a lot to do, there are evolving structures in place to facilitate and enhance your efforts. We have numerous guidelines for authoring documents, a document-specific email list, and a complementary documentation architectural project at Forrest. If you choose to become involved, you will discover many like-minded developers and users who care about Cocoon documentation and will support your effort. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Cocoon Docs List

Find out what documentation efforts are already in process among other users and committers. Consider joining the cocoon-docs mailing list.

Forms of Document Contributions

Check out Cocoon's How-To guidelines to learn about the variety of ways to contribute or improve Cocoon documents.

Cocoon Wikis

Cocoon has two promising and complementary wiki efforts underway.

  • Cocoon Wiki focuses on content development for the Cocoon project. It is designed to facilitate document development and collaboration from all levels of Cocoon users. Documents include FAQs, snippets, how-tos, tutorials, RTs (random thoughts), dreams, surveys, and more. The preliminary focus of this the wiki is to serve as a documentation "breeding ground," where docs can "grow" until mature enough to become official cvs docs. However, it already represents a lively and valid document resource in its own right.
  • Wikiland is an ongoing development effort to build a Cocoon-based wiki architecture. Wikiland features a Cocoon dictionary as the pretext to use, test and develop the wiki. The project is seeking Cocoon-oriented developers to further its development. For more information, see the Wikiland home page.

Other Information

If you're interested in reviewing recent documentation additions or substantive modifications, see the documentation "History of Changes". You may also want to check out the documentation-specific "To-Do List". You can also take an advance look at a proposed table of contents for a revised Cocoon guide. You may also be interested in reviewing some general and specific issues related to Cocoon documentation. Your comments and feedback on any of the above are welcome on the cocoon-docs list.