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Zip archive Serializer

Zip archive Serializer

The Zip archive serializer generates a zip archive by aggregating several sources.

The input document should describe entries of the archive by means of their name (which can be a path) and their content either as URLs or inline data :

  • URLs, given by the "src" attribute, are Cocoon sources and as such can use any of the protocols handled by Cocoon, including "cocoon:" to include dynamically generated content in the archive.
  • inline data is represented by an XML document that is serialized to the zip entry using the serializer identified by the "serializer" attribute.

Example :

<zip:archive xmlns:zip="http://apache.org/cocoon/zip-archive/1.0">
  <zip:entry name="foo.html" src="cocoon://dynFoo.html"/>
  <zip:entry name="images/bar.jpeg" src="bar.jpeg"/>
  <zip:entry name="index.html" serializer="html">
        <title>Index page</title>
        Please go <a href="foo.html">there</a>
  • Name: zip
  • Class: org.apache.cocoon.serialization.ZipArchiveSerializer
  • Cacheable: no